Chilean Site Compares Mozilla, Mozilla Firebird, IE and Opera

Thursday November 13th, 2003

Fenix writes: "The Chilean website has reviewed four browser for the Windows platform: IE, Mozilla, Mozilla Firebird and Opera. Mozilla Firebird wins the battle, but both Mozilla and Mozilla Firebird showed relatively slow loading of pages from the cache. Does anybody know why?"

The review, which focuses mostly on performance metrics and test results, is in Spanish. An automated Google translation is available.

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by offmdan

Saturday November 15th, 2003 4:46 AM

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Don't see why we need to use nudity to sell things.

I always love it when atheists declare themselves so. At least they believe in something! :)

TBird has proven as far as I've tested on my PC (Windows98SE) to be the quickest. Even on dial-up it beats IE6 anytime! Don't need anyone to convince me on that part.