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Thursday November 13th, 2003

The new website has been launched. This new site caters more to the end user, with better product information, clearer download links and more details about help resources. New Mozilla initiatives, such as telephone support, CD sales and donations are now promoted throughout the site. Navigation has also been improved and a friendlier layout and colour scheme have been created. This is the first significant redesign of since its launch in 1998.

#65 Re: Re: Re: Re: font-size: 90%


Monday November 17th, 2003 3:22 AM

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Yes, I know that is the purpose of Verdana and Georgia. However, in practice it doesn't work, as many webdesigners set their font-size to 80%, thus negating the whole concept of a larger x-height in the first place. Even at 80%, Verdana is _much_ more legible than e.g. Arial at 100%, so there are perfectly sound reasons why webdesigners would want to use Verdana at 80%. This is exactly my point: if these fonts are better readable anyway, then why use the increased x-height in the first place? If so many webdesigners resort to font-size:80%, there is something fundamentally wrong with the default size, in my opinion.

Obviously this causes problems when Verdana isn't available and the browser has to resort to a backup font, as that font will then suddenly be about 20% too small (unless the back-up font is also a large x-height font, but judging from the reactions here this obviously doesn't happen in this case).

Again: I perfectly understand the choice for Verdana and the reasons behind the font-size:80% declaration. I just wanted to explain why this results in some people complaining about tiny fonts, and they too are right. It is just not possible to keep everybody happy when using a default font that is found (by the webdesigner) to be too large at 100% while at the same time using backup fonts that are just sufficient at 100%.