New Site Launches

Thursday November 13th, 2003

The new website has been launched. This new site caters more to the end user, with better product information, clearer download links and more details about help resources. New Mozilla initiatives, such as telephone support, CD sales and donations are now promoted throughout the site. Navigation has also been improved and a friendlier layout and colour scheme have been created. This is the first significant redesign of since its launch in 1998.

#42 BULLS**T

by leafdigital

Friday November 14th, 2003 5:29 AM

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(I don't mean to be particularly offensive by the title, it just seems we're playing the capitals game.)

I'm sorry but underlined links are not a serious accessibility issue, nor are they an error, FUNDAMENTAL or otherwise. They are a design preference. Many sites use non-underlined links. It's fine. I hope they continue to do so.

If anybody has a disability that make it difficult to determine links distinguished by colour, then they should use appropriate software which allows them to either:

* Disable site-specified colours, always using the default colours they have chosen (Mozilla Preferences/Appearance/Colors)

* Disable site-specified CSS altogether, always using default CSS that therefore can't change link styles, or a user stylesheet (easily done in Internet Explorer and I think in Firebird too)

* Leave site styles intact, but add extra user styles (for example, you could make links bold) - not too well supported/easy to do in any browser, yet

This is the entire point of CSS, and separation of style and content: it's easier for people with any particular need to control web sites to support that need.

While we're here (i.e. I'm not referring to the specific comment I replied to), small font sizes are also not a serious accessibility issue providing that the site works when you make font sizes larger (up to a reasonable amount - people who need *really* large text will be used to using screen magnification tools). Mozilla provides a variety of ways to specify text size.

If you object to people specifying 80% of default size (an entirely reasonable thing to do, for reasons others explained) then stop posting whiny comments about it on message boards, and start learning the features of the software you already use. In Mozilla, it's on Preferences / Appearance / Fonts / Minimum text size. Turn that on and tell your friends - now you've solved your problem and done something productive too.