New Site Launches

Thursday November 13th, 2003

The new website has been launched. This new site caters more to the end user, with better product information, clearer download links and more details about help resources. New Mozilla initiatives, such as telephone support, CD sales and donations are now promoted throughout the site. Navigation has also been improved and a friendlier layout and colour scheme have been created. This is the first significant redesign of since its launch in 1998.

#29 Re: firebrrrd icon

by stonedyak

Friday November 14th, 2003 3:39 AM

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I agree that it looks inconsistent. The problem is that the burning-bush icon is the one that the firebird app actually uses, so I suppose they've got to show it somewhere on the page. However, the person who designed the page must have decided that the burning bush was too ugly to use as the 'main' icon.

Hopefully the next release of firebird will have a new icon which can be used everywhere. I think the 'globe with an F' icon looks quite nice (and it doesn't look pink to me...)