Mozilla tinderbox Tool Now Uploading Generated Builds to FTP

Wednesday November 12th, 2003

cmg42 wrote in to tell us that tinderbox is now pushing new builds up to The tinderbox machines continuously compile the latest code, run some automated tests and then report the results (the tinderbox project page has more information). Rather than just throwing the generated builds away, tinderbox can now upload them to the FTP site.

According to a weblog posting by Asa Dotzler, the plan is to have nightly builds regularly generated by tinderbox. Eventually, all tinderbox builds will be made available for download, allowing hardcore users to update their copies of Mozilla as often as once an hour.

So far, it appears that only one tinderbox-generated build has been created, a Mozilla Application Suite Windows installer binary (the first since Tuesday 28th October). At the time of writing, this build can be accessed by using the 'D' link in the 'WINNT 5.0 creature Clbr' column on the SeaMonkey tinderbox page, or by going directly to

Correction: Thanks to Asa Dotzler for informing us that daily tinderbox-generated builds are actually being uploaded to and not the regular nightly directories at this point.

Update: The tinderbox builds are now being uploaded to the regular nightly directories.

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