Computers at Campaign HQ of US Presidential Hopeful Wesley Clark Run Mozilla

Tuesday November 11th, 2003

chrisgeleven writes: "There was a post on General Wesley Clark's '04 Campaign Blog (he is running to be the Democrat Party candidate for U.S. President) stating what technology and software the campaign staff uses to run its campaign.

"A quote from the post: 'Here at Clark HQ, we're using a lot of open source technology. When our IT team was setting up computers for everyone, a good majority of them outfitted with OpenOffice and Mozilla. We're also using Thunderbird as our main mail client and Squirrelmail for the travel team. Those who refuse to give up their copies of Outlook are required to surrender their laptops for examination before being allowed to plug them into the office network.' Sounds like there is a pretty good possibility that this could be the first presidential candidate to use Mozilla!"

The weblog entry was made by Cameron Barret (of CamWorld fame), who is the Blog Strategy Guy for the Clark campaign. Note that the post never explicitly states that Clark uses Mozilla.

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by Dobbins

Wednesday November 12th, 2003 2:05 PM

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BOTH major partys fell all over themselves to hand that power to the President, so it has no bearing on deciding on the evil of the two lessers is. The vote in the House was 356 to 66. In the Senate it was 98 to 1. NEITHER the Dems nor the GOP are any great friends of indiviual rights and freedoms, and the Dems are the worse of the two. The Dems whinning when they are out of power is more amusing than the GOP's however. All this Evil Bush crap is a lot funnier than the whinning about a blow job was. That was downright boring! Since BOTH major partys are jerks on the subject of indiviual freedom, and since the Dems are the bigger jerks AND more amusing when they are out of power, the Shrub gets my vote.