Computers at Campaign HQ of US Presidential Hopeful Wesley Clark Run Mozilla

Tuesday November 11th, 2003

chrisgeleven writes: "There was a post on General Wesley Clark's '04 Campaign Blog (he is running to be the Democrat Party candidate for U.S. President) stating what technology and software the campaign staff uses to run its campaign.

"A quote from the post: 'Here at Clark HQ, we're using a lot of open source technology. When our IT team was setting up computers for everyone, a good majority of them outfitted with OpenOffice and Mozilla. We're also using Thunderbird as our main mail client and Squirrelmail for the travel team. Those who refuse to give up their copies of Outlook are required to surrender their laptops for examination before being allowed to plug them into the office network.' Sounds like there is a pretty good possibility that this could be the first presidential candidate to use Mozilla!"

The weblog entry was made by Cameron Barret (of CamWorld fame), who is the Blog Strategy Guy for the Clark campaign. Note that the post never explicitly states that Clark uses Mozilla.

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by volkris

Wednesday November 12th, 2003 1:01 PM

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Gore's recent speech should be required reading for ANYONE studying spin and FUD.

On the other hand, most Americans should spend their time actually reading the legislation that they're so concerned about. They'll discover that it's actually not bad at all, only codifying, clarifying, and summarizing the means of operation that investigators already have.

And then of course there's the matter of your phrase "Bushies get the power", which properly express the fact that whatever powers you are referring to were granted to him. In other words, this is the fault of Congress and the other branches.

This is all offtopic, but in the end I'd much rather have an executive branch taking full advantage of the laws handed to it by congress than one passing orders that further regulate me in my daily life.