Computers at Campaign HQ of US Presidential Hopeful Wesley Clark Run Mozilla

Tuesday November 11th, 2003

chrisgeleven writes: "There was a post on General Wesley Clark's '04 Campaign Blog (he is running to be the Democrat Party candidate for U.S. President) stating what technology and software the campaign staff uses to run its campaign.

"A quote from the post: 'Here at Clark HQ, we're using a lot of open source technology. When our IT team was setting up computers for everyone, a good majority of them outfitted with OpenOffice and Mozilla. We're also using Thunderbird as our main mail client and Squirrelmail for the travel team. Those who refuse to give up their copies of Outlook are required to surrender their laptops for examination before being allowed to plug them into the office network.' Sounds like there is a pretty good possibility that this could be the first presidential candidate to use Mozilla!"

The weblog entry was made by Cameron Barret (of CamWorld fame), who is the Blog Strategy Guy for the Clark campaign. Note that the post never explicitly states that Clark uses Mozilla.

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by cgonyea

Wednesday November 12th, 2003 5:01 AM

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It was me (chrisgeleven) who submitted this news item.

Obviously no one is going to vote for a single candidate just because their campaign uses Mozilla or not. That is rediciulous. Of course there are many real world issues that are more important.

But when you think about it, a candidate's technological beliefs can be quite interest to know, especially if maybe your not into politics or can make a decision between candidates. By his campaign admitting that they use Mozilla, Linux, etc...that means they are for choice in the marketplace, they are for using products that are secure, and so on. Who knows...maybe he would restart the antitrust stuff with Microsoft? Make sure all government web sites work well with Mozilla and other standards-compliant web browsers? Consider even switching at least some government servers to linux? Who knows!

I have been following this campaign and has been my experience btw that Clark's IT team is very trustworthy. Even did a little work with them on a volunteer basis. If they say this is what they do and what their policy is, then it is 100% true. I wouldn't of posted it otherwise.

The main reason why I posted this article? Because I thought it was pretty amazing that the campaign of a presidental candidate (maybe even the candidate himself) uses Mozilla and other open-source products as their first choice before Microsoft products. Would it make hundreds of Mozilla-fans possibily vote for him? Probably not, but it is always good to keep something like this in the back of your mind when you go vote if you are still undecided. Maybe even someone who doesn't vote might check him out because of this.

Use your brain when you make comments. Obviously you can't decide who to vote for on one view a candidate has.