Full Article Attached K-Meleon 0.8 Released

Monday November 10th, 2003

Version 0.8 of K-Meleon, the Mozilla-based Windows browser, has been released. Read the full article for more details from Andrew Mutch.

#16 Layers, etc.

by amutch

Wednesday November 12th, 2003 11:53 AM

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"Question. Are layers and tabs the same, or do layers provide some additional functionality?"

No, they are not the same but they provide the same functionality. I don't use tabs enough to know if we have additional functionality beyond what tab users in Mozilla get. Some of our other users can probably answer that better.

"Complaints. No 'show layers only when multiple are present' option."

I need to check on that.

"No 'close layer' button (need to right-click and select from menu)"

Do you have a scrollwheel or middle button on your mouse? You can use that to close layers.

"Some annoying quirks - doesn't remember window position (insists on starting out with half the window offscreen)."

That's a known issue which we are working on getting resolved. There's a workaround but we hope to have a fix soon. Unfortunately, it cropped up due to a last-minute change in code to address another issue. We'll get it fixed.