Full Article Attached K-Meleon 0.8 Released

Monday November 10th, 2003

Version 0.8 of K-Meleon, the Mozilla-based Windows browser, has been released. Read the full article for more details from Andrew Mutch.

#15 What's with the 'layers' thing

by ryampolsky <>

Wednesday November 12th, 2003 11:35 AM

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K-Meleon 0.8 seems to have implemented mozilla-type tabs under the name 'layers'.

Question. Are layers and tabs the same, or do layers provide some additional functionality?

Complaints. No 'show layers only when multiple are present' option. No 'close layer' button (need to right-click and select from menu)

Other impressions. Nice toolbar manipulation. Easier to use than Firebird's, though not as flexible. Gotta like the launch speed on an older machine, though Firebird's fine on a new machine. Some annoying quirks - doesn't remember window position (insists on starting out with half the window offscreen).