Full Article Attached K-Meleon 0.8 Released

Monday November 10th, 2003

Version 0.8 of K-Meleon, the Mozilla-based Windows browser, has been released. Read the full article for more details from Andrew Mutch.

#12 Improvement

by martrootamm

Tuesday November 11th, 2003 5:09 PM

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It's definitely an improvement over 0.7SP1, but it does not work on one of the slow Windows 98 computers. The Windows 98 version is Service Pack 1 there and supposedly contains all the files required by K-Meleon, but it just does not work there. Although it works nicely in Windows 98 Second Edition. I haven't had any chances to check if it works in a Windows 95 environment, because Windows 95 is now very rare everywhere. People now have Windows 98 as the most wide-spread Windows OS.

One thing that I wish K-Meleon would have would be a possibility to reload frames individually.

Overall it's a good improvement, with a bit more eye candy /see toolbar buttons, for example... One good improvement is the Go button. Another added feature was mimicking the UserAgent to something else, but listed UserAgents should be updated.

Another thing that's missing in Help/About data is information on which Gecko version/revision is being used.

While an improvement, it still feels as it is still slated for select older computers...