Pinstripe New Default Theme for Mozilla Firebird on Mac OS X

Sunday November 9th, 2003

The latest nightly build of Mozilla Firebird for Mac OS X now features Kevin Gerich's Pinstripe as the default theme. The skin received several enhancements in preparation for its inclusion in the standard OS X builds, including a new set of icons from Stephen Horlander. A screenshot of the new-look Pinstripe is available.

The Pinstripe theme was originally created for the Mozilla Application Suite before being ported to Firebird. The skin is designed to match the native look and feel of Mac OS X and better conform to the Aqua Human Interface Guidelines. As the theme relies on OS X's own Appearance Manager to draw some widgets and backgrounds, it is not available for Windows or Linux.

Mac OS X users can experience the new theme by downloading the latest Firebird nightly build.

#13 I liked the icons in the beta version better

by devhen

Monday November 10th, 2003 2:50 PM

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I liked the Pinstripe theme's icons much better when it was in beta. The new Safari-like icons are IMO not only ugly but also seem to say "we copied Safari because we can't come up with anything better" which I don't think is the case. Like I said, I think the Pinstripe's beta icons were much more original and eye-pleasing. Just my .02.