Mozilla Firebird CVS Partition Opening Up

Saturday November 8th, 2003

On Monday, the Mozilla Firebird Browser partition in the CVS repository will be opened up to anyone with Seamonkey CVS write access. This change covers the directories mozilla/browser, mozilla/toolkit and mozilla/chrome.

Up until now, only a small number of people have been allowed to check in to these directories. Anybody else that wanted to make changes had to get one the Firebird developers, or peers, to do it for them. From Monday, this restriction will be lifted and all developers that have been granted CVS write access will be able to check in to Firebird's Browser partition, provided that their patches receive reviews from one of the peers beforehand. The current Firebird peers are Ben Goodger, Blake Ross, Brian Ryner, Pierre Chanial and David Hyatt.

The Firebird development pages have more information about the opening of the partition. The review process for the the majority of the Mozilla codebase will remain the same as described in the code review FAQ.

#1 great

by glazou

Sunday November 9th, 2003 1:10 AM

As I already told pch, I think this is great news. I understand how much keeping the tree closed in the beginning helped you making progress since I am in the same situation with Composer. But at this point, you really need to get more community involvement and move from restricted CVS checkin rights to tight module owner and peers control. Of course, you'll have to deal with stuff that you really don't want to see in the tree. That's "only" a matter of time spent : if module owner or peers say "no", then it's a firm "no". Back out if necessary.

To paraphrase La Fontaine : you have coded all summer ? Communicate now...

#2 Re: great

by jedbro

Sunday November 9th, 2003 8:16 AM

Definitally, I too agree it was needed for the beginning process of creating mp/phoenix/firebird. But now, if the Moz Foundation really wants to push Firebird and Thunderbird to the masses, it needs the backing of the suite devs, or atleast their support.

Congrats to all who were behind this decision.