Interesting Alan Baratz Quote

Thursday March 11th, 1999

Reader Ben Marklein writes in with an interesting quote from Alan Baratz of Javasoft. In a piece at regarding Sun's new application server NetDynamics 5, Baratz mentioned that "the three companies [Sun, AOL, and Netscape] will also integrate their browser technologies into one." He also stated that "One of the goals is to bring the initiatives together and bring an XML-based browser with first-class Java 2 support... And as time goes by, the browser will be built more and more with Java".

Anyone willing to confirm this?

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by Aaron Schiffman <>

Monday March 15th, 1999 7:10 PM

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Who knows, maybe Netscape Corp. is planning to implement its browser components in Java, or some future version in Java. Thats always a possibility, and that browser wouldn't need to be restricted to the Open source requirements in the Mozilla project.

Sun would have a product that ran on its devices (i.e. Java workstations), and AOL would get royalties to that browser, since it most likely will not be competing with Mozilla, which will hopefully gain dominance as a desktop standard. Also, lets not kid ourselves, Netscape does run the show on, and if the covers were pulled from Netscape, it might take a while to get the stuff back up and going.

If we look back a couple of months ago, when AOL announced the merger; The media portrayed AOL, Netscape, and Sun, working together as the most likely way for Netscape, and Java to survive.

We'll se what happens. I'll be pushing for Mozilla, though!