Mozilla Firebird Builds with Installer Now Available for Windows

Friday November 7th, 2003

David Hallowell writes: "After a lot of hard work by Ben [Goodger], the official Mozilla Firebird installer is now available, so just like the Mozilla suite you have the option of the installer or the zip file. The installer builds are available from the usual location

"Unlike the app suite, the installer version of Mozilla Firebird does not use the GRE."

#6 Re: Re: GRE

by dave532

Friday November 7th, 2003 7:32 AM

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I said the installer version of Firebird, not the installer itself. The installer is Mozilla's own installer with a lot of work by Ben to improve it.

Ben mentioned in a previous post that the GRE wasn't going to be used in Firebird (at least for the moment) because of a slight performance hit. However, I think this puts Thunderbird and any other Mozilla standalone apps at a disadvantage as well as making Mozilla less attractive for embedders.

Without the GRE means that downloading Firebird + Thunderbird will be a lot bigger than download of the app suite, also means that running the two together involves loading two sets of effectively the same libraries into memory. Now if you want to also download the standalone composer and calendar then there's a lot of resource wastage.

Firebird is very quickly becoming the best browser, bar none, although not all design decisions I agree with (e.g. I prefer the search item in the urlbar auto complete rather than a separate search bar). With the right promotion I can see Firebird becoming a very popular application.

The success of Firebird could increase the appeal of Gecko to embeddors, but only if it uses the GRE. No Win32 app developer wants to include all the gecko libs in a download of their application when they can embed IE easily. However, if a lot of people have the GRE installed already then it makes the gecko option more attractive, it'd be easy to code an installer that checked for the presence of the GRE and if it's not available then downloaded that component.