Mozilla Firebird Builds with Installer Now Available for Windows

Friday November 7th, 2003

David Hallowell writes: "After a lot of hard work by Ben [Goodger], the official Mozilla Firebird installer is now available, so just like the Mozilla suite you have the option of the installer or the zip file. The installer builds are available from the usual location

"Unlike the app suite, the installer version of Mozilla Firebird does not use the GRE."

#12 I thought the installer was going to be x-platform

by devhen

Friday November 7th, 2003 3:52 PM

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I read somewhere that the official installer for Firebird which was in the works was going to be built on the XPT cross-platform GUI but this is obviously a windows-only installer. What's the deal? And what are the plans for the future? Will other OS's get an official installer?