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Wednesday November 5th, 2003

The minutes of the staff meeting of Monday 3rd November 2003 are now online. Issues discussed include Mozilla 1.5.1, the new Roadmap, Mozilla 1.6, mirrors and FTP and the website beta.

#14 Re: Re: Re: Drawing attention to bugs

by mlefevre

Thursday November 6th, 2003 9:54 AM

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Marking a bug as a blocker doesn't mean that work will happen, it means that the release will be be held up by it. Unless the bug is a regression from the previous release, or something that's being actively worked on and is nearly ready, it's very unlikely to deserve to hold up a release.

Blockers are, as the name suggests, things that block a release being made. They're not a to-do list for things that are planned to happen before a release (that would be the 'target milestone', which should only be set by the person working on the bug).