Full Article Attached Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 3rd November 2003

Wednesday November 5th, 2003

The minutes of the staff meeting of Monday 3rd November 2003 are now online. Issues discussed include Mozilla 1.5.1, the new Roadmap, Mozilla 1.6, mirrors and FTP and the website beta.

#11 Re: Re: Website-beta localizations?

by MTO

Thursday November 6th, 2003 7:46 AM

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It shouldnt be that complicated... Once the design is done (yes, finish that first) then all texts can be inserted into a database. Upon page request the server looks up what language to serve. Or you could probably do it more simple, by redirection, if language other than english, go to But yes, I agree there is enough work right now with design on it's own... but it would be nice if they keept this in mind.

As for the other coment on FireBird... you cant really expect all international people to install the language menu extention, it's not realistic. Only 0.5% would do so, most not knowing that it exists, what it would do, and so on... I only investigated about it when I realized Google was speaking to me English instead of my system's Spanish.