Bugzilla 2.16.4 and 2.17.5 Released

Monday November 3rd, 2003

Vlad Dascalu writes: "The Bugzilla team yesterday released two new versions, 2.16.4 (based on the stable branch) and 2.17.5 (the development version). Release notes, a security advisory and a status update are available from the Bugzilla homepage.

"Both versions fix multiple security bugs found during the development process. The Bugzilla team recommends upgrading to the latest stable version to ensure security and proper operation.

"The status update includes information about the new features found in the development version, as well as details about the road towards Bugzilla 2.18.

"Bugzilla is a open-source bug-tracking system released under the MPL license that is currently used by the Mozilla Foundation in order to assist with its software development."

#4 Re: Re: Maybe now will upgrad

by Gerv

Wednesday November 5th, 2003 1:22 AM

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When security bugs in Bugzilla are discovered, b.m.o. normally applies the patches directly. So none of these issues will affect it even if we don't upgrade for a little while.