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Sunday November 2nd, 2003

The minutes of the staff meeting of Monday 20th October 2003 are now online. Issues discussed include facilities, FTP, CD sales, website traffic and the website beta.

#7 Re: Status of GRE?

by jgraham

Monday November 3rd, 2003 8:56 AM

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Well the GRE - Core and Installer: GRE components in bugzilla are returned by the query:


I'm not sure if it's comprehensive or not.

However, you should probably know that the Firebird people have no intention of using the GRE in the foreseeable future:


I would try complaining about this on the firebird forums (the stated location for feedback), or on the newsgroups. However, I've become so convinced that any arguments as to why the GRE is needed will be willfully ignored, that I can't motivate myself to take any action.