Mozilla 1.6 Alpha Released

Friday October 31st, 2003

The Mozilla Foundation has just released Mozilla 1.6 Alpha, the first milestone of the 1.6 development cycle. Amongst its other enhancements, 1.6a features many Mail & Newsgroups improvements, including vCard support, an option to remove mail from a POP server after x days and a preference for placing the user's signature above quoted text when composing an email or newsgroup posting. For more information, see the Mozilla 1.6 Alpha Release Notes. This latest release can be downloaded from the Releases page or directly from the mozilla1.6a directory on

Update: The original Windows builds did not contain the Personal Security Manager, which enables encryption for services such as HTTPS and secure IMAP. This error has now been corrected and new builds are available. Windows users who have had problems accessing secure Web pages or using other secure Internet protocols should re-download.

#31 Re: Re: Re: Yeah, what happened to firebird?

by bugs4hj <>

Sunday November 2nd, 2003 4:51 AM

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First of all, I am responding to your comment, and not to others, just to clear the sky ;)

Thanks for filling the number in, because I know a lot of others like to know where the suit stands, and it seems pretty stable. Now, I did not write/say that the comparation is rediculous, because that was you, and not me. What I wrote was that not everybody is using MFB/MTB, and that statement still stands, and is backuped by your: "There are certainly more SeaMonkey downloads of 1.5 than of Firebird 0.7"

It is good to see Mozilla Firebird is going well, but lets remember one thing. A lot of people still use older browser software, and that can be prooven statistically, so prior SeaMonkey and Netscape versions (6/7) are still out there and in use and that can also be prooven with stats. However, Mozilla FB/TB is still young/new, like you said: "technology preview" so we will have to wait about 2/3 years, if not longer, before we know the real usage stats.

I hope everything works out well for SeaMonkey and the rest, but I was only trying to say: "No, not everybody is using MFB/MTB", just for people that might think otherwise.

Again, thank you Asa, for clearing the sky, with your download stats, I am still a happy man (the suit still lives), /HJ