Redesigned Mozilla Website Launching Soon

Thursday October 30th, 2003

Bart Decrem writes: "Thanks to the hard work by Dave Shea, Tristan [Nitot], and, especially for the long last mile, Ben [Goodger], Dawn [Endico], DBaron [David Baron] and Chofmann [Chris Hofmann], we're almost ready to launch the redesigned Mozilla web site, so now's a great time to head over to, check out the new site and send feedback to"

Update: One of the names that originally appeared in this article has been removed, at that person's own request.

#83 A few stragglers to update...

by Waldo_2

Friday November 7th, 2003 9:22 PM

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The pages for the ill-conceived Mozilla Firebird product page redesign are mostly the way they were before. They are accessible through this link:


Specifically, the Downloads and Project Information pages need to fit the default theme for the beta site. The Take a Tour pages need to be redone to fit the new style, but only in the Why You Should Switch style (full-width text - crammed otherwise).

All in all, progress looks great! It'll be a nice change from the stodgy view in most pages, and it'll lend consistency that a front-page change (nice though it looked) ignored.