Redesigned Mozilla Website Launching Soon

Thursday October 30th, 2003

Bart Decrem writes: "Thanks to the hard work by Dave Shea, Tristan [Nitot], and, especially for the long last mile, Ben [Goodger], Dawn [Endico], DBaron [David Baron] and Chofmann [Chris Hofmann], we're almost ready to launch the redesigned Mozilla web site, so now's a great time to head over to, check out the new site and send feedback to"

Update: One of the names that originally appeared in this article has been removed, at that person's own request.

#7 Add some padding-top

by marcoos

Thursday October 30th, 2003 11:54 PM

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Compare the space between the top of the box and the text in the "technology preview" part and "Mozilla 1.5" part.

"Technology Preview" has a nice padding, and it looks nice. The "For web browsing, email, HTML editing, IRC chat, and more" text starts just below the border. This doesn't look nice.

Also, in Konqueror 3.2-alfa (first release based on the Apple-modified KHTML engine, so I suppose this may affect Safari, too) the navigation bar ("download, products, support, developer") isn't wide enough to fill the entire yellow box...