Redesigned Mozilla Website Launching Soon

Thursday October 30th, 2003

Bart Decrem writes: "Thanks to the hard work by Dave Shea, Tristan [Nitot], and, especially for the long last mile, Ben [Goodger], Dawn [Endico], DBaron [David Baron] and Chofmann [Chris Hofmann], we're almost ready to launch the redesigned Mozilla web site, so now's a great time to head over to, check out the new site and send feedback to"

Update: One of the names that originally appeared in this article has been removed, at that person's own request.

#31 inconsistencies in IA/navigation - continued

by coda

Friday October 31st, 2003 5:00 AM

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Overall I am starting to like the redesign - it's clean and direct - even though I still feel the Mozilla brand needs some serious work. The purple colours used in the header bars and LH column headings seem to have appeared out of nowhere, and IMHO don't complement with the gold/red/brown colours of the existing site (brand?) at all.

My biggest concern however is that the navigation througout the site isn't very clear - there is a general lack of consistency with where information is displayed across pages and how this information is accessed.

The primary navigation (not in the most obvious position on the screen) I assume are the links in the top-right corner, and the secondary nav is in the LH column which is used for a completely different purpose on the homepage - ie. as a "what's new", etc. panel. To further illustrate this visit the Mozilla 1.5 homepage - <http://website-beta.mozil….org/products/mozilla1.x/> - the layout of the 'secondary nav' on this page in the LH column is completely different to the secondary nav on other pages.

Also I dislike the way elements shift around between pages - take a look at the Mozilla 1.5 homepage and then the Mozilla 1.5 download page - <http://website-beta.mozil…ucts/mozilla1.x/download/> - "Get the Mozilla CD" and "Requirements" have now relocated out of the LH column, which is just confusing.

As mcbridematt has already touched on, there are major inconsistencies with the page titles. The homepage title is "mozilla - blah blah" yet further into the site it loses the "mozilla -" and just adopts a unique title for that page, which for bookmarking purposes is bad considering users won't know what "The Camino™ Project" was if they saw it in their bookmarks. By simply attaching 'mozilla -' to the title would already make it more clear. Also, the primary navigation homepages (ie. "* Download * Products * Support * Developers * About Us") are all differently structured: Download's title is "Mozilla Products", as is the title for Products; Support's title is "mozilla - Mozilla Support", Developers title is "mozilla - Develop Central" and About Us title is "About Mozilla". The title for the footer link page, Donate, is "Support Mozilla!" which clashes with the Support page - it should be "Donate" instead, or a synonym that implies users supporting, not support for users. And the Contact footer link title is "Mozilla - Contact us". etc.... you get the picture.

Further inconsistencies include the footer (c) line - on the mozilla pages it's "Copyright © 1998-2003 The Mozilla Organization" and on the Decision One support page - <http://support.decisionon…lla/mozilla_help_main.htm> - it changes completely to "©Copyright 2003, all rights reserved" - as do the footer links and the primary navigation - of which the first three items just link to the homepage. And then the mozilla store page, (title is "MozSource" ???) is once again uniquely designed, there appears to be very little attempt made at keeping it consistent with the rest of the site.

Best of luck with the new site, to all involved. Hopefully the issues mentioned above can be easily fixed to provide Mozilla(mozilla? MozIllA? ;) with a more professional and accurate representation of the world's best browser.