Redesigned Mozilla Website Launching Soon

Thursday October 30th, 2003

Bart Decrem writes: "Thanks to the hard work by Dave Shea, Tristan [Nitot], and, especially for the long last mile, Ben [Goodger], Dawn [Endico], DBaron [David Baron] and Chofmann [Chris Hofmann], we're almost ready to launch the redesigned Mozilla web site, so now's a great time to head over to, check out the new site and send feedback to"

Update: One of the names that originally appeared in this article has been removed, at that person's own request.

#17 should NOT be W3C compliant . . .

by DJGM2002

Friday October 31st, 2003 2:07 AM

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Why has the the new Mozilla website been written with fully W3C compliant HTML 4.01 Strict code? It looks rubbish in Netscape 4.x. Yes, I know Netscape 4.x is a technically web obsolete browser, and doesn't properly recognise currently recommended web standards, but aren't we supposed to be persuading users of such old web browsers to upgrade to Mozilla? If the Mozilla website only looks good in modern browsers like Mozilla surely that's just "preaching to the choir"? If your average Netscape 4.x user is persuaded to try Mozilla, goes to, and sees that the website looks crap in his/her browser, that will reflect badly on Mozilla as a whole. He/she will undoubtedly think, "If the Mozilla site looks crap, then the Mozilla web browser is there- fore be crap as well." That person will decide to stick with his/her obsolete Netscape 4.x browser, (or worse, switches to IE) then Mozilla ends up losing a potential new user, and might go and tell all of his/her friends that (in his/her opinion) Mozilla is crap. Although Mozilla (and all the browsers built upon it) are the most standards compliant browsers around, for these reasons, the Mozilla site shouldn't be standards compliant.