MozillaZine Announces Mozilla-Based Nvu Web Publishing Software

Wednesday October 29th, 2003

Michael Robertson, CEO of, has announced that his company is starting a project to build an easy-to-use Web publishing product for Linux. The new application, called Nvu (pronounced 'N-view'), will be based on Mozilla Composer and released under the Mozilla Public License. has contracted Daniel Glazman of Disruptive Innovations to be the lead developer, though the company hopes to attract other contributors. Version 1.0 of Nvu is expected in the first quarter of 2004. See the Nvu FAQ for more information.

#6 Why not?

by jedbro

Thursday October 30th, 2003 10:15 AM

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Why would it not be back-portable? Dabiel Glazman has stated before that all work put into Composer++ he hopes will be back-ported to mozilla and checked in. The only obstacle I could see from this would be *Drivers* not wanting some of the features.

In any case, I really doubt that Mozilla Foundation will start a seperate Stand Alone project, after all, Daniel said he would be the maintainer, and heck, Lindow's is *paying* him to do the work. It couldn't get much better.

Lindows has specifically said it will be licences uncer the MPL (which composer currently is), so again, unless I'm missing something it should all be back-portable.