Paste Without Formatting Implemented in Mozilla Thunderbird

Wednesday October 29th, 2003

Peter Lairo writes: "'Paste Without Formatting' is now implemented in Mozilla Thunderbird's e-mail composer. It is now possible to copy formatted text (e.g. from a web page) and then paste it into an e-mail, and the text will be inserted using the formatting (or lack thereof) of the e-mail (target) and not that of the source. This feature is (almost) as cool for Thunderbird, as tabbed browsing is for Firebird. 'Paste Without Formatting' can be accessed via the context menu or the 'Edit' menu. The original bug was bug 64647."

#6 Re: Paste images too

by sebbo <>

Wednesday October 29th, 2003 9:33 AM

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Just downloaded the nightly so I could try this out. I also snagged the Firebird add-on, which I hadn't heard about before (here it is, for those as out-of-it as I was: <http://extensionroom.mozd…g/more-info.php/copyimage> )

What I'd hoped is that I could get images from the browser window to e-mail attachments without substantial intermediate steps.


Dragging an image into the body of an e-mail seems to work well.

Dragging an image to the attachment field produces a URL rather than a file.

Dragging the image from the e-mail body to the attachment field has no effect.

Using Copyimage in Firebird .7 and then Paste in today's nightly Tbird instantly and quietly crashes Tbird.