Paste Without Formatting Implemented in Mozilla Thunderbird

Wednesday October 29th, 2003

Peter Lairo writes: "'Paste Without Formatting' is now implemented in Mozilla Thunderbird's e-mail composer. It is now possible to copy formatted text (e.g. from a web page) and then paste it into an e-mail, and the text will be inserted using the formatting (or lack thereof) of the e-mail (target) and not that of the source. This feature is (almost) as cool for Thunderbird, as tabbed browsing is for Firebird. 'Paste Without Formatting' can be accessed via the context menu or the 'Edit' menu. The original bug was bug 64647."

#2 Paste images too

by Anthracks

Wednesday October 29th, 2003 6:45 AM

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It should also be noted that Thunderbird now lets you paste images from the clipboard directly into the message...previously it either did nothing, or would paste a hyperlink to the URL of the image if copied from a browser. It isn't quite finished yet, bug 47838 has some details. Unfortunately, this feature is really held back by Firebird's lack of a "Copy Image" option. I realize there's an extension for this, but I really think it should be included by default. Bug 210043 is the RFE for this.