Korean Version of MozillaZine Available

Monday October 27th, 2003

Thanks to the great work of Channy Yun and the Mozilla Korean Project team, a Korean version of MozillaZine is now available. With this latest international version, MozillaZine can now be read in six languages.

The Mozilla Korean Project makes Korean language packs for Mozilla and recently began maintaining a Korean translation of Mozilla Firebird Help. Their site also features an English introduction to the Korean alphabet for the curious.

We would like to thank Channy Yun and the members of the Mozilla Korean Project, as well as all the other translators of MozillaZine, for their fantastic efforts.

#4 Re: document.all?!?

by channy <>

Tuesday October 28th, 2003 7:55 PM

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Thanks for your and above comments. I'm sorry for my mischeck in Javascript code. I didn't tested comment link in front page because of time, but it have been worked it in Firebird 0.7. This code is rented by other PHP source. I don't aware to include this code.

BTW, You're right that many website and webmaster is dependent to IE environment. I feel so terrible that it contains my code. Already I knew document.all and document.getElementById issue. I'll be carefull to make a webpage. Thanks all.