Mozilla Branding and Visual Identity Proposal

Thursday October 23rd, 2003

Steven Garrity has written a proposal for the branding and visual identity of the Mozilla Foundation and its products. The document, which does not necessarily reflect current thinking, recommends dropping the red Mozilla dragon head, clairifying the names of the various products, bumping the version number up to 2.0 when the switch to standalone applications takes place and making the icons more consistent. The Mozilla branding strategy and the Mozilla trademark policy give some insights into the Mozilla Foundation's plans for the Mozilla brand but note that both documents are currently under review and are likely to change in the future.

Thanks to Slashdot for alerting us to Steven's proposal.

#13 Clear and simple versioning

by Malc

Friday October 24th, 2003 6:41 AM

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No, there should be a Mozilla 2.0 Suite that bundles the components and replaces the current monolithic app. Having version numbers all of the place for different components confuses the end-user. You want separate version for the components in development tree? Fine. But for clear branding and productisation of the Mozilla Suite, everything needs to appear under the same banner.

That's Mozilla Suite 2.0 which includes Mozilla Browser 2.0, Mozilla Mail/New 2.0, Mozilla Chat 2.0, Mozilla Composer 2.0, Mozilla Calendar 2.0, etc., even if that's based on the development versions of Mozilla Firebird 1.9, Mozilla Thunderbird 1.1, Composer++ 0.8, [Gecko 3.1???] etc.