Bugopolis Launches Bugzilla Now!

Thursday October 23rd, 2003

Turnkey developer tools provider Bugopolis has announced the availability of Bugzilla Now!, a distribution of the popular Bugzilla defect tracking application. Bugzilla Now! — essentially a software-only version of Bugopolis's BugStation server appliance — is intended to be easier to install and maintain than the standard Bugzilla, with setup requiring little more effort than booting a server from the CD. Bugopolis co-founder Jim Walters claims it can take an engineer two weeks to get the vanilla Bugzilla up and running. As well as being easier to set up, Bugzilla Now! offers some extra features that are not available in the standard Bugzilla, including automatic upgrades, advanced reporting and the ability to put bugs in jars. The software costs $189 and is available either as a download or on CD. Yesterday, eWeek read the press release and ran an article about Bugzilla Now!.