A MozillaZine Reader's Ideas on

Saturday March 6th, 1999

Eric Murphy, a regular contributor of news items and forum posts has an article up at regarding a Linux/NGLayout/XUL convergence. You can check it out here.

#9 Re:A MozillaZine Reader's Ideas on

by Richard Gold

Monday March 8th, 1999 6:13 AM

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Personally, I think the idea should at least be tried. It's good that people are aware of the problems of integrating Browser + OS, but I think that the open source guys are on the ball enough to deal with these problems.

The proposal is exciting and interesting enough that some work should be done on it. The end result (if it stays true to the "keep it as slim as possible and avoid code bloat" faith) could really take Linux into a different league.

Go for it!