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Saturday March 6th, 1999

Eric Murphy, a regular contributor of news items and forum posts has an article up at regarding a Linux/NGLayout/XUL convergence. You can check it out here.

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by ERICmurphy <>

Sunday March 7th, 1999 3:01 PM

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I can agree with that, but are any of the existing worth building on? Are they ready for the future? I keep hearing complaints that the UI of Linux sucks, and I can agree, no matter if you are running Gnome, AfterStep or whatever.

Linux is just now starting to take off, so right now is the time to come up with something good.

There are a lot of benfits to my suggestion. You point out bloat and potential problems with glitches as negatives, and that is problably true if you have 20 different interface libraries installed. A new standard is what I am talking about here.

The Linux community needs to decide now on a path to take before the platform is dismissed as a real alternative from Microsoft. Sure, you and me might be able to use a half-baked GUI and command lines no problem, but a modern OS nowadays has a full blown and easy to use GUI and graphics capabilites.

If someone does not do an XML driven GUI first, Microsoft will. And they will receive high praise for being great innovators.

People find the internet easy to use, and a highly customizable OS that works better and easier than the internet, while being integrated with it would take off like a rocketship.

Creating an awesome GUI for apps will become much easier, and developers surely would at least be interested. As they find that a XML interface is much easier to create, they will dump what they are doing and come on over. Don't forget about easy portability to other OSes.

Mozilla seems to have the clout, tools and experience to head up something like this. I hope it is at least considered, and I am only testing the waters here before I consider pushing for a proposal.