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Saturday March 6th, 1999

Eric Murphy, a regular contributor of news items and forum posts has an article up at regarding a Linux/NGLayout/XUL convergence. You can check it out here.

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by anon <>

Sunday March 7th, 1999 12:04 PM

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with berlin that might be a possibility. but it seems as though adding yet another ui layer to any os is a bad idea.

i see real use as mozilla being used as an application, but i'm not sure i like the idea of it being an interface library of sorts. sure, the idea of netapps based on HTML/XML/XGIMME2LETTERS has been around for awhile, but i'm not sure the benifits outweigh the overhead of having a browser doing the display work.

it a nice idea, but it seems like its been implemented too many times already. how many interface libraries already exist on linux? qt/gtk/swing/motiff/....

i just hate having yet another lib installed on my machine. windows suffers from the same problem, dll hell.

i say keep it simple.. pick one ui library, then build good apps on it. don't reinvent the weel 25 times over..