Full Article Attached Trunk Freezes for Mozilla 1.6 Alpha Tonight

Tuesday October 21st, 2003

At midnight Pacific Daylight Time tonight, the Mozilla development trunk will freeze in preparation for 1.6 Alpha. During the freeze, which will remain in place until 1.6a is released, all trunk checkins will require approval from before landing. Read Asa Dotzler's newsgroup posting for information about the checkin approval process during the freeze. See the Mozilla Development Roadmap for more details about the release plans and check tinderbox for the latest trunk status.

#7 bwahh what about image paste bug 47838?

by lkjhgfdsa <>

Wednesday October 22nd, 2003 7:05 AM

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Three years since the return of the amazing ability to paste an image from the clipboard straight into an email like in netscape 4.8 was requested and still nothing. It was suggested for 1.6 but is nowhere to be seen and now after three years waiting and 600 dollars pledged they are discontinuing the software and moving to another version and we're going to have to start all over again. Oh woe. Over 600 dollars pledged to fix it and still no response are we going to be trapped using messenger 4.8 forever?

sad historic comment from bugzilla page

Additional Comment #13 From r***m 2001-08-09 14:12 moving this one over to 1.0, this will not make the 9.4 milestone