Full Article Attached Trunk Freezes for Mozilla 1.6 Alpha Tonight

Tuesday October 21st, 2003

At midnight Pacific Daylight Time tonight, the Mozilla development trunk will freeze in preparation for 1.6 Alpha. During the freeze, which will remain in place until 1.6a is released, all trunk checkins will require approval from before landing. Read Asa Dotzler's newsgroup posting for information about the checkin approval process during the freeze. See the Mozilla Development Roadmap for more details about the release plans and check tinderbox for the latest trunk status.

#26 What's new in Mozilla 1.4.1

by martrootamm

Sunday October 26th, 2003 6:32 PM

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Here's some of what is visibly new: * Mozilla on Windows has NTLM authentication. This enables Mozilla to talk to MS web and proxy servers that are configured to use "windows integrated security". /I guess before this was possible with Internet Explorer only. * Site icons in the Bookmark Manager and Bookmarks Sidebar, and separators now have support for labels. /I remember that was there since IE4. * Composer now supports click and drag dynamic image and table resizing. If an image is selected or if the caret is placed inside a table, eight resizing handles appear and allow to resize the image/table with a simple click/drag/release. In the case of an image, the resizing is done real-time and a semi-opaque shadow of the image at its target size is shown during resizing. A tooltip shows in real-time the target size in pixels, and the relative change in pixels too. * Users can now specify "blank page," "home page," or "Last page visited" for each of first window, new window and new tab. * Users can now specify default font, size and color for HTML mail compose. * Image blocking/disabling is now more flexible and users can "view image" to see blocked or not loaded images. * "Launch file" after downloading has been enabled for .exe files /I remember this was in IE since at least version 5. Previously one had to open the containing folder in Mozilla. * Proxy auto-config (PAC) failover has been implemented. /I don't know what this could be.

So some features are those that Internet Explorer does not have and some features are those that have been long before in Internet Explorer. Most changes have been done to Composer, 1.4.1 contains many usability, stability and standards support improvements.

I used to use 1.2.1 as the default, and while I did get spoiled with Firebird's use of pop-up blocking, I kept using 1.2.1 until I saw a fault in its rendering /might have been my own bad coding in PHP, I'm a beginner there. In any way, 1.3.1 rendered fine and had a selective pop-up blocker with which I was spoiled in Mozilla Firebird. So currently I will only stick with 1.3.1.

In another computer, I used 1.1, but then it crashed on very rare occasions, but since I was anyway spoiled with Mozilla not crashing at all, and since I needed to test a page with 1.2.1, I decided to put 1.2.1 on that computer.

And by the way, 1.1 is the last release to support CSS-coloured radio buttons and checkboxes (at least in Windows).