Full Article Attached Trunk Freezes for Mozilla 1.6 Alpha Tonight

Tuesday October 21st, 2003

At midnight Pacific Daylight Time tonight, the Mozilla development trunk will freeze in preparation for 1.6 Alpha. During the freeze, which will remain in place until 1.6a is released, all trunk checkins will require approval from before landing. Read Asa Dotzler's newsgroup posting for information about the checkin approval process during the freeze. See the Mozilla Development Roadmap for more details about the release plans and check tinderbox for the latest trunk status.

#23 Fragmenting itself

by kepardue

Thursday October 23rd, 2003 2:47 PM

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I don't see anything good in the developments of the past 6 months in Mozilla. Progress seems slower than usual. The wait and seers are eternally waiting and seeing, years after the beginning of the project. And even as the organization is coming closer together it's primary product is fragmenting itself into oblivion. One half of it is ugly, drab and bulky, and the other quarters/eigths/whatever you want to call the *bird philosophy, aren't not as full featured and cartoonish to the point of blowing Luna out of the water (heck, even my very-much-feminine fiancee won't use it because it looks too girly). There's little to no hope for the calendar project, and even less for a calendar/mail integrated suite or PIM. Mozilla's technology has been used, abused, and rejected like a red-headed stepchild from the backer of its most popular iteration, Netscape (leaving the only iteration to lie in the very unattractive name 'Mozilla'). Everyone sees optimism at this time in the history of Mozilla, but I see that these are dark times. I don't mean to be so negative, I really wish I weren't. I've been following it since Netscape 6 and have used it for its standards support and all... but sometimes you've got to see the writing on the proverbial wall.