Full Article Attached Trunk Freezes for Mozilla 1.6 Alpha Tonight

Tuesday October 21st, 2003

At midnight Pacific Daylight Time tonight, the Mozilla development trunk will freeze in preparation for 1.6 Alpha. During the freeze, which will remain in place until 1.6a is released, all trunk checkins will require approval from before landing. Read Asa Dotzler's newsgroup posting for information about the checkin approval process during the freeze. See the Mozilla Development Roadmap for more details about the release plans and check tinderbox for the latest trunk status.

#21 What's going to be new in 1.6?

by leafdigital

Thursday October 23rd, 2003 2:57 AM

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A lot of half-arsed ideas here about the split... personally I see no big deal - *bird aren't near finished yet, they are still essentially beta software, at least until they are ready for prime time seamonkey development will continue - WELL DUH.

I know that often features aren't exactly fully determined by alpha freeze ;) but just out of interest, is there anything new planned/likely for 1.6? 1.5 had the spellchecker plus 'invisible' improvements to layout and such. I assume there will be more such hidden improvements in 1.6, but are there going to be any visible new features? Or is that type of work on seamonkey essentially over?