Communicator 4.51 is Out

Saturday March 6th, 1999

Communicator 4.51 is on Netscape's FTP site, with versions for Windows, Mac, and many Unix flavors. 4.51 is a maintenance release that contains bug-fixes, security fixes, and AOL Instant Messenger 2.0.

#1 Re:Communicator 4.51 is Out

by J. Russell

Saturday March 6th, 1999 11:06 PM

That's great but where's the 128 bit encrypted version?

#2 Re:Communicator 4.51 is Out

by King-On Yeung

Sunday March 7th, 1999 3:27 AM

How about linux libc6?

#3 Re:Communicator 4.51 is Out

by libc6 user

Sunday March 7th, 1999 4:21 AM

libc5 is the only supported version? What? When every major dist is now libc6 and many have been for at many months? Are they afraid they are going to piss off some slackware user that hasn't upgraded his system in three years?

#4 Re:Communicator 4.51 is Out

by Martin Willemoes Hansen

Sunday March 7th, 1999 6:46 AM

Super, which that mozilla would come out with some beta versions soon :)

#5 Re:Communicator 4.51 is Out

by whee

Sunday March 7th, 1999 7:00 AM

Re: libc5 being the only officially supported version, it's probably in response to libc6 being botched by redhat in their releases. It's got to be bad enough supporting communicator w/o having to worry about libc bugs on top of it all.

#6 Re:Communicator 4.51 is Out

by Fred Reimer

Sunday March 7th, 1999 7:43 AM

So, where's the source so I can recompile for libc6? If it's out there, I'll find it, but a pointer would save me and a host of others a lot of searching...

#7 Re:source?

by incubus

Sunday March 7th, 1999 9:14 AM

good luck, only RedHat gets to play with communicator sources.

#8 Re:Communicator 4.51 is Out

by J. Russell

Sunday March 7th, 1999 6:28 PM

I agree that 5.0 beta needs to come at least have a time frame for release. Luckily IE5 looks like it's going to be so damned close to IE4 that no one will give a rat's pink arse.

I think it's interesting that being a Subscriber's Advantage member I still had to d/l the new version from the ftp like everyone else--the 40 bit version at that. AOL needs to open the purse strings for NS and get these balls a'rolling. If NS cannot satisfy paying customers now they are going to have problems with their loyalty in the future (not mine, but others maybe).

#9 Re:Communicator 4.51 is Out

by sspitzer

Sunday March 7th, 1999 8:09 PM

The glibc and other unsupported version of 4.51 will show up.

When 4.5 shipped, the glibc versions showed up in

4.51 will probably be the same.

Just be patient.

#10 Re:Communicator 4.51 is Out

by Nutscrape Instigator

Monday March 8th, 1999 9:35 AM

Does anyone know where there's a fairly detailed changelog for 4.51? They say "lots of bug fixes", but *which* bugs?

#11 Re:Communicator 4.51 - Bug Fixes?

by dhart

Monday March 8th, 1999 6:49 PM

I've been using 4.51 for a few hours now. The email performance seems better, esp online/offline features, although the problem with dumping out of synchronization isn't gone.

If anyone from Netscape is reading, *please* get out the word that customers want a complete list of bug fixes!

An interesting tangent to this: when work begins in earnest on 5.0, would it be possible to mirror bugs externally so those of us who depend on a Netscape branded version of Mozilla can get bugs as easily as ?

#12 Re:Communicator 4.51 is Out

by Charles Ginzel

Monday March 8th, 1999 7:00 PM

I usually disagree when I see postings puting down new release, but I have to say that I think the windows version is not a stable as the 4.5 version I've been using. Stop button does not reliable and easily seems to forget how to follow through with hyperlinks... Sorry Netscape, but this one does need more work (I will keep using 4.5 though)!

#13 Re:Communicator 4.51 is Out

by macpeep

Monday March 8th, 1999 10:55 PM

Weird.. 4.5 didn't work for me at all (Windows). It crashed every 15 minutes or so. 4.51 seems to have fixed that so it's a surprise to see that some people complain 4.51 is more unstable than 4.5. On my laptop, I've been using 4.51 since it got out and it has worked like a swiss clock. (win98)

#14 Re:Communicator 4.51 is Out

by intercessor

Tuesday March 9th, 1999 2:11 AM

Is there a patch? Could not find one for 128. Owell

#15 Re:Communicator 4.51 is Out

by bIll gHate

Tuesday March 9th, 1999 11:33 PM

128 is out now,

#16 Re:Communicator 4.51 is Out

by Jonathan Brickman

Thursday March 11th, 1999 11:19 AM

I have found 4.51 to be about 1.5x as fast and far more stable. Also, installing it fixed a prefs.js-related problem that I was not able to track down myself. Windows 98, SFC'd regularly.