GetFree Script Automatically Downloads and Installs Mozila Firebird and Mozilla Thunderbird

Monday October 20th, 2003

OpenSourceAdvocate writes: "Industry surveys show that Mozilla holds 1-2 percent of the browser market, and Internet Explorer has the vast majority.

"A Brazilian programmer just released a script to automatically download and install the latest version of Mozilla Firebird, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Gaim on any Windows computer.

"The goal is to increase the internet security via software diversity. Open Source Software is less vulnerable to Windows virus and worms.

"Developers are invited to download, modify and redistribute the source code. (The script is open source and dedicated to the public domain.)"

#4 Doesn't cygwin's setup program do this?

by rkl

Tuesday October 21st, 2003 3:15 AM

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When I last installed Cygwin on Windows, it had a setup program that would tell you what the latest versions of packages built with Cygwin were and would let you download and install them. Assuming this is still the case, why not put the programs this guy mentioned into the Cygwin repository (they may already be there, I must confess to not having looked) and then tell people to install Cygwin? Seems like a bit of wheel re-invention going on here...