GetFree Script Automatically Downloads and Installs Mozila Firebird and Mozilla Thunderbird

Monday October 20th, 2003

OpenSourceAdvocate writes: "Industry surveys show that Mozilla holds 1-2 percent of the browser market, and Internet Explorer has the vast majority.

"A Brazilian programmer just released a script to automatically download and install the latest version of Mozilla Firebird, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Gaim on any Windows computer.

"The goal is to increase the internet security via software diversity. Open Source Software is less vulnerable to Windows virus and worms.

"Developers are invited to download, modify and redistribute the source code. (The script is open source and dedicated to the public domain.)"

#3 'Industry surveys'?

by leafdigital

Tuesday October 21st, 2003 2:01 AM

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Are you referring to those, to put it kindly, 'dubious' statistics from or TheCounter?

I think these counter sites under-represent real Gecko usage, among all their other biases.

If you look at the best real numbers available from a large general site, (in the Zeitgeist section; to get numbers, you have to do calculations on the graph), you'll see that Gecko has almost a 5% share. What's more, numbers on other sites I have access to (the ones which aren't computer technology-related, so should not show browser bias) bear this approximate figure out. All these numbers show Gecko in the 5% range, not the 2% range (where, incidentally, Opera fits in, but only if you have a statistics program that accurately counts it - the vast majority do not). It may be different for your own site, or it may not.

Of course, IE really does have 90% so this doesn't change the point of the post or anything... but even so I think it's better to avoid quoting the 1-2% figure, which is dubious at best.