Full Article Attached Mozilla Offers French Schools Digital Space of Knowledge

Monday October 20th, 2003

Tristan Nitot writes in with news that a Mozilla-based research tool has been deployed in 1,500 schools in France. Read the full article for more information (a more detailed French version is available on Tristan's weblog).

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by Racer

Tuesday October 21st, 2003 7:57 AM

So this is basically an online information database with: - Current news events from "Agency France Presses" - Dictionaries (2 versions) - Encyclopedias (3 brands including a multimedia encyclopedia) - Multimedia historical documents including clips from the INA (which is an industrial company, I think) - INSEE France economic and statistical data (which is the France census bureau) - Resources from (which is the France ministry for National Education) - French literature from various sources - Sections still in development include satellite images, scientific and mathematical animinations addressing various topics, as well as articles from various French regional news organizations.

Its nice to have all of these information resources in one location and it is good to hear that Mozilla technology is being used all over the world. However, what is meant by "Mozilla-based"? Does this mean the standard Mozilla browser will not work with this database or that the interface is built on top of Mozilla with extensions? Also, since many of the resources were already available for viewing on any browser, I wonder why Mozilla was chosen as the only browser to be supported? Was there some technological hurdle that restricted usage from Opera or IE or was it something else?

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by corwin

Tuesday October 21st, 2003 8:13 AM

Why they chose Mozilla, interview of the developper in French :

#3 Some precisions

by Ashato

Tuesday October 21st, 2003 9:05 AM

INA is a public multimedia archive center. is an online multimedia archive based on the Louvre Museum collections.

As for your questions, they may be answered in the detailed French version on Tristan's weblog: Mozilla's free (as in free beer) while Opera's not, Mozilla 's support of Unicode is far better than IE's, and the whole thingy has to be cross-platform (Mac, Windows and Linux).

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by Racer

Tuesday October 21st, 2003 9:50 AM

My mistake.