First Windows Nightly of Standalone Composer

Saturday October 18th, 2003

Daniel Glazman writes: "Just one quick word to say that the first Windows nightly of Standalone Composer is available. This nightly has customizable toolbars, an Orbit 3+1 theme and a calendar smart widget. The corresponding code is going to land in the tree very soon, thanks to, who have financed this work."

#22 C Runtime Libraries

by Malc

Tuesday October 21st, 2003 12:48 PM

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These libraries won't be on most people's systems. They're needed because presumably the binary was built using MSVC.NET.

The same problems were experienced a few years back on older versions of Windows when developers started switching to MSVC6 from MSDev97. That was of the reasons why installers used to always force people to reboot - they were replacing the C Runtime DLLs (MSVCRT.DLL, etc) with the newer ones from MSVC6. There were some serious problems at first, and seems that MSFT learnt and have responded by encoding the version of the DLL into its name.

You will start seeing more and more programmes shipping with these DLLs... what's more, there won't be one copy in system32, but a copy in every application directory. I would guess that future versions of Windows will ship with these DLLs and the problem will go away.

I don't know why the Composer++ people rushed in to using VS.NET... we're still building stuff under MSVC5 so that we can avoiding forcing a reboot upon installation under Win98! Fortunately we write our code well and it will compile under MSVC6 and VS.NET too.