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Friday March 5th, 1999

We received a great response to our call for remedies to Microsoft's monopolistic practices. Thanks to all who participated! We at first thought that choosing 10 remedies from the many we received would be impossible, but we found that many fell into one of about 8 or nine categories. So, we decided to abstract those categories out and use their basic ideas for our poll. Some of the choices may not be clear from the sentence provided. For that reason, we have provided a brief summary of the choices available. Just click "Full Article" below.

#7 Re:MS Remedy Poll Now Up

by ex-Microsoft employee

Sunday March 7th, 1999 3:44 PM

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Microsoft has destroyed the business and operating systems software markets causing at least a trillion dollars in cummulative damage to the US GDP.

Where these used to be thriving competitive industries, both of them are dominated by a single company that is raising prices and preventing innovation or competition.

Microsofts illegal activities: price-fixing, extortion, theft of source code (quicktime and stacker are most well known examples), slander and libel are well known.

Criminals should not be allowed to continue their activity, and given that we live in a country where selling $1,000 worth of drugs will net you the death sentance, only a similar sentance is appropriate for microsoft.

Microsoft should be shut down and dissolved. This is the only just solution to their continued criminal activities.

I'm dismayed to see that this is not even an option on your poll. It doesn't surprise me that it isn't being considered by the DoJ, given that the rich never get justice applied to them, but we should have the opportunity to vote for it.

It is the only just solution.