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Friday March 5th, 1999

We received a great response to our call for remedies to Microsoft's monopolistic practices. Thanks to all who participated! We at first thought that choosing 10 remedies from the many we received would be impossible, but we found that many fell into one of about 8 or nine categories. So, we decided to abstract those categories out and use their basic ideas for our poll. Some of the choices may not be clear from the sentence provided. For that reason, we have provided a brief summary of the choices available. Just click "Full Article" below.

#6 Respectable conduct in our forums

by mozineAdmin

Sunday March 7th, 1999 2:07 PM

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I have, for the first time, deleted a response in our forums. I can tolerate spirited debate, but I will not tolerate personal attacks that have no constructive merit. If you want engage in personal attacks, go somewhere else. It doesn't matter if these attacks are aimed at me or another reader. Any personal attacks that lend no constructive merit to the argument will not be tolerated.

I'm very interested in allowing criticism of my site, and have never had to resort to deleting posts before. I've recognized that mozillaZine's readers are interested in mz doing things properly, and they have not resorted to scurrilous personal attacks. Many of these criticisms I have acted on (the redesign of this site addressed many such concerns).

If you are interested in engaging in malicious character defamation, do not use this forum. If you feel that this restriction limits your personal freedom too much, I have no apologies. There are many other forums on the Internet that will allow you to act the way you want. Please feel free to seek them out.