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Friday March 5th, 1999

We received a great response to our call for remedies to Microsoft's monopolistic practices. Thanks to all who participated! We at first thought that choosing 10 remedies from the many we received would be impossible, but we found that many fell into one of about 8 or nine categories. So, we decided to abstract those categories out and use their basic ideas for our poll. Some of the choices may not be clear from the sentence provided. For that reason, we have provided a brief summary of the choices available. Just click "Full Article" below.

#2 Re:MS Remedy Poll Now Up

by david d zuhn <>

Friday March 5th, 1999 2:42 PM

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The "break the company up" option was too limiting. I don't want to see it broken up by category. I would like to see it cloned, to create instant competition among each of the product lines.

Three companies, each owning total rights to the complete MS code base. Each company would be prohibited from secret contacts with the others, but in the interest of compatibility, each would be (okay, should be) interested in publishing all interfaces to new features they include in their version of the products.

A baseline of compatibility is assured (Win 98, Win 2000, NT 4.0, whatever is current when the split occurs). Additional features can be added, or perhaps the benefit of a particular distribution will be increased stability.

While I'd like to see Windows and Office open-sourced, I'm not sure DoJ will be amenable to such remedies.