Mozilla 1.5 Released

Wednesday October 15th, 2003

Mozilla 1.5 has been released! In addition to enhancements to tabbed browsing, Mail & Newsgroups and the DOM Inspector, this milestone also features many Composer improvements, including support for absolutely positioned elements, better resizing for images and tables, z-index management and a new snap-to-grid option. The ChatZilla IRC client has been overhauled and now includes support for logging. Mozilla 1.5 also features a spellchecker, as well as improved standards support and better performance and stability.

Mozilla 1.5 can be downloaded from the Releases page, the mozilla 1.5 directory on or the new Mozilla download page. The Mozilla 1.5 Release Notes feature more information, as does the new Mozilla 1.x product page at

#27 DHTML menu bug still there

by buff

Thursday October 16th, 2003 6:45 AM

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The new release feels pretty solid but I am disappointed the DHTML bug with menus is still there. There are several sites I can't go to because the click isn't being handled properly. I would have considered this a blocker for 0.7. I know there was a patch for this. Why didn't it get in there? Also, the Firebird toolbar right-click bug is still there so if you right click on a chevroned item the UI freezes until you make a new window. That sounds pretty serious to me to have not been patched for 0.7.