Mozilla 1.5 Released

Wednesday October 15th, 2003

Mozilla 1.5 has been released! In addition to enhancements to tabbed browsing, Mail & Newsgroups and the DOM Inspector, this milestone also features many Composer improvements, including support for absolutely positioned elements, better resizing for images and tables, z-index management and a new snap-to-grid option. The ChatZilla IRC client has been overhauled and now includes support for logging. Mozilla 1.5 also features a spellchecker, as well as improved standards support and better performance and stability.

Mozilla 1.5 can be downloaded from the Releases page, the mozilla 1.5 directory on or the new Mozilla download page. The Mozilla 1.5 Release Notes feature more information, as does the new Mozilla 1.x product page at

#26 Reasons to stop supporting

by leafdigital

Thursday October 16th, 2003 2:26 AM

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Actually, there are many reasons to stop supporting win95. We've abandoned support for win95 on a product here for several reasons (even though by the way it actually still works on win95 - don't tell anyone):

* The more OSs we support, the more work it is to test everything

* Running the program on Windows 95 is more complicated as you have to install numerous OS updates (though we automated most of this process a while back)

* Windows 95 computers have proportionately many more problems as they tend to be using antique hardware that's rock bottom on our minimum spec

* Hardly anybody still uses win95

If you look at Google's figures you'll see that win95 is down to 1% of Google users now, well below even Mac (3%). (It's still listed above Linux, though I'm not sure for how long - but Mozilla is much more important proportionately on Linux as it's the major Linux browser.)

I'm not arguing that support for win95 should be dropped in mozilla at all, just explaining that there are reasons why some people might decide to make that decision for some programs.