Mozilla Thunderbird 0.3 Released

Wednesday October 15th, 2003

The third release of Mozilla Thunderbird, the standalone mail and newsgroups client, is now available. Thunderbird 0.3 features better attachment handling, performance improvements (particularly for IMAP users), support for placing your signature above the quoted message text if you prefer to top-post, and a new POP account option to remove read messages from the server after x days.

Mozilla Thunderbird is based on Mozilla 1.5 and can be downloaded from the Thunderbird 0.3 directory on The Mozilla Thunderbird 0.3 Release Notes have more details and's new Thunderbird page contains more general information about the program.

#11 location of mail store?

by apidya

Wednesday October 15th, 2003 11:59 PM

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is it me? or with the release of moz1.5 and TB 0.3 has the option of changing the location of my mailstore been removed. up until now, i've chosen to store my email folders in my data partition, away from my normal profile data. up to Mozilla 1.5 this was a simple option in mail/news prefs for each account.

but with the new releases that option seems to have gone. Moz has remembered (from my profile) where the email is, but a fresh install of TB doesn't seem to be able to be told where my mail folders are. i know i could copy the profile for moz into the TB folder, but thats not going to help if/when i wipe everything and start over.

it's going to be really annoying if i have to move my email folders back into the depths of my c:

does anyone have any ideas? or have i missed something blindingly obvious.