Full Article Attached Mozilla Foundation Launches New End User Services Including CD Sales, Telephone Support and Redesigned Website

Wednesday October 15th, 2003

The Mozilla Foundation today launched several initatives as part of its new focus on end users. As well as today's releases of Mozilla 1.5, Mozilla Firebird 0.7 and Mozilla Thunderbird 0.3, the Foundation is now selling Mozilla on CD and offering fee-based telephone support. A beta version of a new website, with a greater emphasis on the needs of end users, has also been launched. Read the full article for more information about these exciting changes.

#10 Great layout - very Mozilla to my eyes!

by wiredearp

Wednesday October 15th, 2003 2:05 PM

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Watching such an amazing project growing cooler all the time gets me completely giddyup. Fresh layout is open, welcoming, crisp and pleasent; end users are sure to stand in line when the site launches! One should check up on consistancy and markup before this happens, though: The index page throws a fatal validation error because of missing doctype declaration. The article about the redesign "which takes advantage of Mozilla's cutting-edge standards support" is declared XHTML1.0 despite of its eleven [severe] validation errors while the page about "hacking" claims to be coded HTML4.01 Transitional. Not that I wan't to be nosy about a beta launch; but you know.